Employment options are mostly available in metros and larger towns, which require sound knowledge and effective application of learnings at college. With students graduating in huge numbers every year, most of them are only getting added to the pool of unemployed since they lack industry readiness. How to find an appropriate job suiting their interest. How to prepare them to be ready for the jobs.

Our model proposes to train youth of identified government colleges to not just open their minds but to be gainfully employable:

  • We will run intervention projects that provide practical challenges to the students in Arts, Commerce and Business Administration streams of government colleges.
  • The intervention is planned to be long enough to bring in the behavioural change. It is planned and getting implemented with about 26 hrs in class (2hrs over 13 weeks) in the final year of college.
  • The employers will be invited to come and engage with the students during the intervention to assist and also evaluate the students’ performance.
  • We expect that the students will have a clear view on what kind of career they are most wanting to participate in and ready for. At the same time employers are expected to make offers to the students as they see the students perform.

As we reach out to Foundations for supporting this direction of our effort, we are applying our learning from the years of experience in conducting training for and managing people already. We are certain that this aspect being a focused effort for career building of the students, we will be able to scale and grow this effort rather fast.